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Flight Training for New Customers


WACO offers instruction for all customers of new WACO YMF-5D and Great Lakes by WACO aircraft. The course is designed for pilots of all skill levels that currently obtain a valid tailwheel endorsement, and the instruction will take place in the owner's new aircraft at time of delivery.


  • Transition training

  • All instructors are seasoned professionals our unique staff includes airshow performers and military aerobatics instructors.


Read what a customer said about his training:

"As you are aware, I felt I could use some recurrent flight training in my WACO and called Carl Dye who friends had used in the past. He informed me that he was working at headquarters and his past duties in this area had been assumed by BOB WAGNER, whose phone number he provided. I called BOB, who I had never met, and we set a plan for training here at my home airport and surrounding airports.


It was a fantastic experience - grueling and exhausting the first day ... but definitely productive and definitely beneficial by the end of Day 2. BOB was excellent with me, and provided much appreciated tips that I will find useful throughout my tail wheel flying.

While at AOPA I was required by insurance to do recurrent training at least annually at FLIGHTSAFETY, flying our association owned turbo- prop and pure jet aircraft. My retirement gift to myself, as you know, was a fairly new A-36 BONANZA, and in spite of 3,000 hours in Bonanza and Barons (without an insurance requirement) I have attended the BONANZA PILOT PROFICIENCY PROGRAM twice in the last 18 months.


Yet, other than the 10-12 hours initial instruction in the WACO and a couple of hours over the last few years, I had done nothing to improve my skills. When I came to this realization, and was losing interest in my WACO, it was a pleasure to meet and fly with BOB.


Instructing in an airplane where the PILOT has no forward view, and the CFI in the front seat has even less visibility, is a very special skill. BOB has an even more important attribute that lets the student go to the limit before he takes any corrective action. In training in these airplanes that is truly an asset, since much of a WACO pilot's prowess is the ability to take positive and immediate corrective steps, not IF but WHEN things go wrong. WAGNER allowed that to happen in the training scenarios.


Thanks to you and WACO CLASSIC for offering his flight instruction services and I hope others gain from my sudden awareness that continued, periodic flight training in these planes is available and valuable, perhaps even more important than in higher end equipment.


Phil Boyer
Former President, AOPA


P.S. - A couple pictures attached - the 300hp YMF made a hit on the airport, even though you were here for the fly-in, and a crowd gathered each day as it was parked on our front lawn.

P.P.S. - Feel free to use any of my email with prospects and customers.

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