The Brand New Great Lakes by WACO - The Pinnacle of Aerobatic General Aviation



180 Horsepower   153 MPH Vne   120 MPH Cruise

It's timeless

it's time

The very best things in life are ageless. They are imbued with a classic sense of design, impeccable workmanship, dependable functionality and an aesthetic appeal that defies the passage of time. So it is with the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2. If you appreciate the successful fusion of classic and contemporary, if you aspire to the very best, it’s time—your time. Time for the Great Lakes by WACO.

Great Lakes Biplane Dual Cockpit
Oleo Strut Landing Gear

classic & contemporary

A faithful homage to the Golden Age of aviation with robust, corrosion-resistant welded steel-tube structure; two staggered wings, one swept; and two open cockpits. These Golden Age features combine with modern design and safety standards with all-weather fabric skins, cockpit covers, cabin heater, and toe brakes.


Each Great Lakes by WACO is hand-built by experienced craftsmen to achieve the highest quality for lifetimes of adventures to come.

the pilot

the plane

the passion

What distinguishes the pilot from the traveler is the passion for flight. It is the exhilaration of soaring above the surface of the earth. It is the wonder of exploring unrestricted movement in three dimensions, just because you can. And it is the joy that flows from the revelation that pilot and airplane are one. 

A true extension of you.

choose your style

make it your own

The handcrafted approach to manufacturing a Great Lakes by WACO allows for much personalization. The Great Lakes is fully aerobatic, but you can add to its performance with a lightweight aerobatic battery. You can configure your Great Lakes for banner towing. Leather seats are available. An electronic attitude indicator can be installed in the rear cockpit, and airspeed and altimeter in the front.

design your paint scheme

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the exterior paint scheme of your new Great Lakes. With over 150 base colors to choose from and your choice of matte, clear coat, or metallic finish - rest assured that your design is a true extension of your personality. 

choose your interior

Custom Leather Upholstery

Work with our in-house design team to configure the interior of your new Great Lakes.


Choose from over 80 shades of durable high-quality leather - design your stitch pattern, choose your harness and select the flooring that suits your style and needs. 

After all, it's what's on the inside that counts.

configure your instrument panel

Using your imagination our avionics team will design your instrument panel according to your wants and needs. 

The Great Lakes is a fully aerobatic biplane and has been approved for night flight. You choose from classic gauges or an array of Garmin avionics.


You have the ability to completely customize both the front and rear cockpits to your standards. 

Custom Great Lakes Instrument Panel



Each Great Lakes is delicately handcrafted by our team of specialized artisans in Battle Creek, MI.  Each aircraft requires over 4,000 labor hours to produce, with fit and finish quality and meticulous attention to detail. This extensive manufacturing process limits our ability to produce these flying works of art in vast quantities, which puts your Great Lakes in an exclusive class of its own.

Confidence in our ability to produce aircraft of such class can be seen and heard by over 150 owners across the globe. We strive to offer an unparalleled purchase & ownership experience. 

standard equipment

Great Lakes Throttle Quadrant and Fuse Panel



Engine - Lycoming AEIO-360 

  • 180 HP @ 2700 RPM

  • 1600 HR TBO

  • Inverted Fuel & Oil


  • MT 2-Blade Constant Speed

  • 153 MPH Vne

  • 120 MPH Cruise Speed

  • 57 MPH Stall Speed

  • 10 Gallon/Hour Consumption

  • +5.4 / -4.0 G Limits @ 1800 lbs


Deluxe Engine Analyzer

Trig TY91

Com Radio

Garmin AERA 660


Trig TT22

Mode S Transponder 

Storage Compartment

Rear Cockpit

Aerobatic Harnesses

Hooker Brand

Cockpit Cover

Front & Rear

LED Lighting

Nav, Strobe, Beacon, Taxi

Heated Cockpit

Rear Standard

Hydraulic Brakes

Toe-Operated - Front & Rear

27 Gallon Fuel Tank

Upper Wing

Oleo Strut Landing Gear

No Leak & No Bounce

optional equipment

Great Lakes by WACO - Proudly Hand-Built in the USA.

Heated Cockpit


Garmin G5

Airspeed & Altimeter

3-Blade Prop

MT Constant Speed

(Pending FAA Approval)

I'm ready for the ultimate adventure...

Congrats! You are one step closer to owning your new Great Lakes! Our product specialists will reach out to you shortly.

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