WACO YMF-5 Super

The new WACO YMF-5 is the finest biplane in the world, featuring unequaled quality, performance and style.  While this new FAA certified aircraft maintains its classic lines and beauty, its systems and avionics are fully modern and feature advanced Garmin IFR or VFR instrumentation.  Your WACO is built from the ground up to your specifications, including color and paint scheme, leather and carpet, and avionics equipment.

WACO flyer - English verson

WACO Flyer - English version

WACO flyer - English verson

WACO Brochure - English version


WACO Flyer - German version


WACO Brochure - German version

We offer four model specifications of the YMF-5 aircraft:

YMF-5F Amphibious

The NEW Amphibious YMF-5F, featuring a 300 HP engine, MT constant speed propeller, Garmin VFR avionics and Amphibious Aerocet floats.

Download Specs for YMF-5F Amphibious Biplane

YMF-5D IFR Version

The fully IFR model, featuring a 300 HP engine, full deluxe leather interior and Garmin IFR Avionics.

Download Specs for YMF-5D 

IFR Biplane

YMF-5D VFR Version

The VFR model, featuring a 300 HP engine, full deluxe leather interior and Garmin VFR avionics.

Download Specs for YMF-5D 

VFR Biplane

YMF-5C Sightseer

Optimized for scenic flight commercial operators, this model features a 275 HP engine and VFR avionics.

Download Specs for YMF-5C 

Sightseer VFR Biplane

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