Dec 19, 2017

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“Me—Myself” words from my daughter when she was younger, not wanting help with anything and ready to prove to all that she could do whatever she wanted. Her name is Megan and I have no doubt that she will be the first female president of the United States. Along those lines, the U2U rally has selected participates using criteria that was unfavorable to WACO owners. Whom are a more level headed, prepared and much better looking than most of the folks selected for the U2U rally. As such we have decided that we can do it better ! To that end we have engaged the folks at Air Journey to organize a once in a lifetime experiences for WACO pilots to central and south America . The proposed journey takes us from Key West to Cuba, the Yucatan, Belize, Costa Rica, Panamá, Honduras, Guatemala, and Colombia. While it's still in the very early stages we are soliciting input from WACO customers and Pilots as to the route and other planning details.

Oct 3

I was initially planned for a ride in a WACO biplane yet the principal day was excessively breezy so rescheduled. Second attempt - the plane was down with engine issues so they offered me a progressively costly ride in the AT6 Texan at no extra cost. The trip was fantastic. assignment land

Muhammad Shoaib
Oct 9

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Muhammad Shoaib
Oct 9

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  • peter3941
    Oct 27

    Air Journey has proposed this route, link here: Email From Thierry "Dear Peter, Please find attached (Link: the latest presentation of the journey. We are setting up a departure on October 20 which should be after the height of the hurricane season. I’ve made changes to the program based on avgas availability and distance as well as your email regarding the flight to San Andrea island in the Caribbean. We are within 27 days on the program and I’m getting ready to create the budget as well as a flyer describing the journey. But I have more questions. After our stay in Belize, we have to fly to Cozumel, Mexico, to refuel and clear customs and spend one night. Then the next day we could do Cozumel to Key West which is about 375 nautical miles or we can make a technical stop in Havana to refuel. Let me know your preference. In the revision of the program, I removed the country of El Salvador which does not offer the safety and political environment for our journey. They are listed by the State Department as a place of high crime. I have replaced it with the airport of Guatemala City for us to transfer by land to the old capital of Antigua, Guatemala which is a pretty unique place to visit. Would a landing at an elevation of 5,000’ (Guatemala City airport) be a problem? The following stop will be at the beautiful resort of Mukul in Nicaragua on the Pacific side where at this time there is no avgas. How comfortable would the pilots be to fly a leg of 325 nautical miles, not refuel, and fly another 60 nautical miles to the next airport in Costa Rica with avgas? If it’s too high for their comfort level, we can add a technical stop between Guatemala City and Mukul to refuel. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tail Winds and Blue Skies Always. Thierry � � Thierry Pouille Air Journey - Founder Tel: +1.561.841.1551 Cell: +1.561.452.1225 Escorted Flying Journey, Air Concierge & Personalized Flight Support
  • peter3941
    18 hours ago

    Dear Peter, I’m in the stage of checking on avgas availability at the different airports as well as checking the Department of State recommendations for the different countries. We have to make some changes. One of my questions for you is I am offering the idea of flying to the island of San Andres which belongs to the country of Colombia. It is an island. We can fly straight from Panama due north for 260 nautical miles to reach the island and when we depart, there would be a stretch of water before reaching the coast of Honduras and flying to the next stop. How do your members feel about flying in an open cockpit 2.5 hours over water not near any land? If you think that’s bringing the comfort level to an unchartered territory, would you like me to replace that stop and rework the program? Tail Winds and Blue Skies Always. Thierry

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