GREAT LAKES 2T-1A-2 Support


GREAT LAKES 2T-1A-2 Information

 Airworthiness Directive, June 2012

Service Letters, Bulletins and Information


Horizontal Stabilizer Spar Inspection


Lycoming Svc. Instruction 1080B 2006
Lycoming Svc. Instruction 180B 2001

GLAC Svc. Instruction 1

Battery Acid Spillage


GLAC Svc. Instruction 2

Battery Box


GLAC Svc. Instruction 3

Fin Brace Wires


GLAC Svc. Instruction 4

Tail Wire Rigging


GLAC Svc. Instruction 4a

Correction of Svc. Inst. 4


GLAC Svc. Instruction 5

Hartzell Propeller Svc. Bulletin


GLAC Svc. Letter #6

Redesigned Inverted Oil System 


GLAC Service Bulletin 7

Fin Brace Wire Attachment Bolts


GLAC Svc. Bulletin 8

Loosening of Exhaust and Fuel Injector Attachment Nuts 


GLAC Svc. Bulletin 9

Left Hand Exhaust Manifold Heat Exchanger Section


 GLAC Svc. Bulletin 10

Inspection Requirement


GLAC Svc. Bulletin 11

Redesigned Oil Cooler System Installation


GLAC Svc. Bulletin 12

Inspection of the Outer Main Wheel Bearing Hub & Replacement of Seal Assemblies


GLAC Service Bulletin 13

Inspection of Air Intake Duct


GLAC Service Bulletin 14

Engine Mount Inspection



Safety Notices

 SN-001 Excessive Use of Brakes

SN-022 Power Lines

 SN-002 Passengers Activating Flight Controls

SN-023 Never Exit with Motor Running

SN-003 Passenger Heads Block Visibility

SN-024 Flying Low Over Water

SN-004 Crosswinds Hazards

SN-025 Demo Or Training Flights

SN-005 Low Altitude Operations

SN-026 Walking Into Prop Can Be Fatal

SN-006 Baggage Door

   SN-027 Carburetor Ice

SN-007 Smoke System Operations

SN-028 Dangerous Aerobatics

SN-008 Hot Weather Operations

SN-029 Hydraulic Lock

SN-009 Cold Weather Operations

SN-030 Inadvertent Loss of Items

SN-010 Post Crash Fires

SN-031 Parking Brake

SN-011 Poor Maintenance

SN-032 Tire Pressure 

SN-012 Night Flight In Bad Weather

SN-033 Proper Attachment of Cowling

SN-013 Flight Currency in Tailwheel

SN-034 Proper Use of Nyloc Nuts

SN-014 Loose Objects

SN-035 Exercising Your Airplane

SN-015 High Winds and Turbulence

SN-036 Fuel Cap Safety

SN-016 Flying Near Broadcast Towers

SN-037 Pitot Tube Safety

SN-017 Aerial Survey Photo Flights

SN-038 Airframe Grounding

SN-018 Unusual Vibration

SN-039 Brake Test

SN-019 Do Not Attach Items To Airframe

SN-040 Brake and Pedal Brief 

SN-020 Mixture Control

SN-041 Flying Wire Inspection

SN-021 Fuel Exhaustion Can Be Fatal  

Maintenance and Rigging Manual

For the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, Circa 1970's


Commercial Ride Operation


Restoration Services




WACO Aircraft